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J plywood object

Y Finish?

Hillary Asked:
“Do we have to apply finish to our plywood cnc objects?”

You are not required to apply finish to your objects, but we would like to consider these as “finished” works, since there were several rounds of studies, models, mock-ups, etc. We expect that they are finessed beyond what came directly off the machine – this might require sanding some edges smooth, taking the surfaces to a higher grit, etc. Rubbing on a coat or two of wax might be enough to to take them to the next level. We will evaluate them for their integrity as objects, but it is not necessary that they have elaborate finish work (although we welcome it if you are interested).

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Y CNC Schedule

I’m sharing the link to the CNC schedule here. You need to be logged into your RISD email to edit this document.


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B Recommended Settings for MasterCAM

I’ve created a PDF that has recommended settings for the contour, drill, and pocket toolpaths. You will see that things are different for the Drill operation. You should choose the “circle mill” option for the toolpath type for the drill operation. This option works better than the “peck drill” operation we used previously. You should also keep in mind that some settings are variable, such as depth, and might not necessarily need the settings indicated in the document. See the PDF below for details.


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B Step Stool MasterCAM and Rhino files

You can download the Rhino and MasterCAM files of the small step stool we have looked at in class. They are both contained in the zip folder below


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