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Y The infamous brush

Y Finish?

( Watch Videos Faster (or slower)

( Default Settings in MasterCAM (updated)

B Surface Toolpaths

í Assignment 11 (updated)

í Assignment 10

í Week 10 Challenge: Metal Spoon

í Assignment 9

Y CNC Schedule

í Week 9 Challenge: Y Branch

B Recommended Settings for MasterCAM

B Step Stool MasterCAM and Rhino files

Y Double Clicking a MasterCAM file won’t open it

Y Sebastian Errazuriz Lecture tonight (4/17)

í Assignment 8

í Week 8 Challenge: X

í Assignment 7

B Switching viewports?

B Quiz Answers

Y Name Plates

( Mastercam Display issues in Parallels

B Another explanation of surface continuity

B More about NURBS

í Assignment 6

í Week 6 Exercise: Chair Modeling


í Week 6 Challenge: Torqued Ring

( Adjusting the resolution of Parallels for Retina Displays

( Updated Tool Library with Plywood Bit

Y Chair Drawings

B Content from the Demo in the CNC Lab

Y Great Job on the Paper Models!!

B Cat Face Tutorial

í Assignment 5

Y Question about the final paper model

í Assignment 4

Y KNK Maxx Air for Cutting – Still working on it…

Y Annie Evelyn Lecture Thursday Night (3/15)

Y Rachel Griffin Lecture Monday night (3/13)

í Week 4 Challenge: Toy Boat

B Useful SrfSeam Command

B Strange Looking Glass Rendering?

B Unroll Surface Video Demonstration

B Video Review of Make2D

í Assignment 3

í Week 3 Exercise: Mustard Bottle Tutorial

í Week 3 Challenge 1: Pencil

( Use the Middle Mouse Button for Increased Productivity!!!!!

B Extrusions Aren’t Solid!?

Y Great Opportunity for Sophomores – Deadline Extended til 3/7!

( Commenting in Google Docs

B “History” functionality in Rhino

( Where to find and buy Parallels, Windows

B Chair Cane and Wood Texture

í Assignment 2

í Week 2 Challenge Part 3: Lego Figure

í Week 2 Challenge Part 2: Drawing in 3D

í Week 2 Challenge Part 1: Tracing

Y If you haven’t completed the Hardware survey, please do so

Y Questions about Control Points and Clarifying the Assignment’s Single Revolve Constraint

Y Keyshot in the Computer Lab

Y Trouble Downloading Windows

Y Rhino is in stock at the RISD store

( Apple Magic Mouse + Rhino

( Where to get Rhino and Keyshot

B Navigating the view of your workspace

Y More about Rhino Licensing

( Making Mac Rhino Look More Like Windows Rhino

B A review of Rhino’s interface and Geometry Types

B How to make a screenshot

B More information on the “PictureFrame” command

B Drinking Glass Demo Part 3: Rendering with Keyshot

B Drinking Glass Demo Part 2: Volume Analysis

B Drinking Glass Demo Part 1: Drawing and Revolving

B How to use the trim, split, join, explode, and cap commands

í Assignment 1

í Week 1 Exercises

Y Welcome