Assignment 5

Part 1: Last chance for revisions
After spring break, the open period for revisions to any of the projects thus far will close – the glasses, chair study, and paper model project. Any revisions and improvements you make will be taken into consideration for grading purposes. If you do make revisions, make additions to your documents or folders, don’t erase the originals. The revisions should go in your personal folder as well as the shared assignment folders in google drive.

Part 2: Cat Face Tutorial
Follow along with the Cat Face Tutorial to create your own MasterCAM file.

Part 3: Name Plate – due Monday 4/3 at 9am!
Create a name plate for your self, to be executed in 1/2″ thick MDF on the CNC router. We will supply the material and will cut all of the names in one go. Some requirements:

  • Students are required to draw the letters for their name plate as “single stroke” fonts
  • The names will be cut with the following configuration
    • contour toolpath, with compensation turned off (cutting on the center of the line)
    • cut with the 1/4″ ball end cutter
    • cut to a depth of 1/8″
  • The outside profile will be cut with the following configuration
    • contour toolpath, compensating to cut to the outside as a climb cut
    • cut with the 1/2″ flat-end cutter
    • cut depth of 1/2″
    • stepdown of 1/4″
    • four tabs at .75″ wide, .125″ thick (use Vertical Moves, NOT RAMP MOVES!!!)
  • Name Plates must fit within a 9″ x 14″ rectangle

You will be required to submit a MasterCAM file and a Rhino file for this project. Use the Rhino file below as a template to fit your Name Plate within. Use the layers included in this file as follows:

  • Place your name curves on the layer called “Name Curves”
  • Place the outside contour on the layer called “Outer Profile Curves”

Name your Rhino and MasterCAM Files with the following convention: Firstname_Lastname_NamePlate
Place these files in your personal folder and the shared folder called “Name Plate”

Get the Template Here:

The template includes sample curves for the name and outer profile. Delete these curves – don’t include them in the file you post the google drive.

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