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å Monday, April 3rd, 2017

í Assignment 6

Part 1: Chair Exercise
Finish the chair exercise that was started in class. Be sure to post a rendering to the class folder (both in your personal folder and the group folder).

Part 2: Plywood Furniture
Working from the Plywood Furniture project brief, make a 1:2 scale model of your design. Use a material that is properly scaled (1/4″ thick) for the production of your model. You are welcome to use the laser cutter for this project, but be aware that only certain materials can be cut with this machine.
Create a folder in the shared google drive with your name and place in that folder:

  1. a photo of your scale model named “FirstnameLastname_PlywoodScaleModel.jpg”
  2. a screenshot or rendering of your rhino model named “FirstnameLastname_PlywoodModelRendering.jpg”
  3. and an image of your nesting scheme for the parts named “FirstnameLastname_PlywoodNesting.jpg”
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í Week 6 Exercise: Chair Modeling

Create several chair models, each one using the following commands as the primary (if not exclusive) method for creating the form:

  1. Revolve
  2. Extrude
  3. loft
  4. Sweep1
  5. Sweep2
  6. NetworkSrf

Put each model on a layer in the same Rhino file. Using Keyshot, create a rendering of the 5 chairs in one image. Post this image to the shared google drive. Name this file: FirstnameLastname_6Chairs.jpg

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í Week 6 Challenge: Torqued Ring

Using the Rhino file provided below as a starting point, build the object shown below, paying attention to the transition between surfaces.


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