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å Monday, April 10th, 2017

í Assignment 7

Revise and refine your Plywood Furniture Object designs as was discussed during the reviews in class. This phase of this project is to finalize the design, resolving issues related to form, dimensions, structure and joinery. For some of you, this means more incremental improvements, others will require more drastic reworking of your design. Regardless, after this phase of the project, we will be working with MasterCAM to create toolpaths for the CNC machine. Students should finalize their design so that the MasterCAM phase will be focused on optimizing for machining (as was discussed in class) and not on design.

For next week, you will be required to create another model of your design. We have discussed the requirements based on student feedback and have decided that models can be 1:2 scale models or full scale, but the material thickness should be scaled appropriately. If you decide to make a 1:1 model, you should use 1/2″ foam core.

If your design does not require major revisions, you are encouraged to begin developing strategies for how you will deal with the rounded terminals associated with cutting on the router. As was shown in class, creating “I” shaped mortises and tenons with cleared out corners is an advisable way to deal with this. If your design is fairly well resolved, you can try to include these features in your next model.

In your folder within the plywood object folder in the class Google Drive, create a sub-folder for last week’s assignment called “Phase 1”. Create a second sub-folder called “Phase 2”. Create the following files and put them in this folder for this week:

  1. a photo of your second scale model named “FirstnameLastname_PlywoodScaleModel2.jpg”
  2. a screenshot or rendering of your rhino model named “FirstnameLastname_PlywoodModelRendering2.jpg”
  3. and an image of your nesting scheme for the parts named “FirstnameLastname_PlywoodNesting2.jpg”


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B Switching viewports?

Hannah asked today: “Is there a keystroke to switch between viewports?”

Yes, there is:

  • Windows: CTRL+Tab
  • Mac: Command +Tab

You can also toggle maximizing the active viewport by pressing CTRL (windows) or Command (Mac) + M

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B Quiz Answers

As requested, here are the answers to the quiz from today.

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