Assignment 8

Model Refinements and MasterCAM

1. Make any necessary revisions or refinements to your model so the design is completely finalized.

2. Optimize your cut pattern, contours, and joinery for production on the CNC router with a 15/32″ diameter cutting tool.

3. Create a MasterCAM for your project. Some things to keep in mind:

  • you can only use three toolpath types for this project
    • contour
    • pocket
    • drill
  • capture operations with the same settings in a single operation (hypothetical example: all pockets that cut halfway through should be in the same operation, all contours that cut on center all of the way through should be in one operation, etc, etc.
  • leave at least a 1/2 margin on the edge of your sheet
  • tabs should be set to VERTICAL MOVES (NOT ramp moves) with a thickness of .125″ and a width of .75″
  • for drilling operations, set the spindle speed to 6,000 rpm and the plunge rate to 15 ipm

Use this Rhino file as a template as a reference for how your model should be situated relative to zero and the X,Y axes.

Create a new folder called Phase 3 in your folder in the “Plywood Object” folder on the shared google drive. Put your final Rhino file and your MasterCAM file in this folder. If your files (especially MasterCAM) are not uploaded by the next class (April 24, 2017), we can not guarantee your project will be cut on time. Make sure your Rhino file uses layers to organize all of the various elements and iterations in your file. This will be taken into consideration for grading purposes.

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