Assignment 2

1. Comment on Someone else’s project
A. Due March 3
In response to their work on the drinking glasses part of Assignment 1, write a very brief statement commenting on the work of the classmate whose last name follows your alphabetically (the last person in this order should comment on the first person). Describe at least one positive and one negative aspect of their design, but also make specific suggestions for how their rendering can be improved. This comment is required, you are also welcome and encouraged to comment on anyone’s work. Use Google Doc’s commenting feature to do this.

2. Improve Your Post for Assignment 1
Due March 6
If your post from the first assignment had any problems, or if suggestions were made that could improve your design or rendering, you have the chance to go back and make improvements. Technically this is not required, but the improved submission will be considered for grading purposes, should you choose to revise. If you choose to improve your work, modify your document, adding the new content so we can see the improvements in relation to the original content. Don’t delete the original work.

3. Chair Study: Models and Rendering.
Due March 6
Working from the brief  for the Chair Study  project, you should create the following content:

Rhino File

  • Build a model of each chair.
  • Begin by drawing 3D curves that faithfully capture the proportions and scale of the chairs.
  • Most of the bentwood components should be built with the pipe tool, with the majority of remaining surfaces built as extrusions or surfaces from planar curves (“planarsrf” command).
  • Build all chairs in a single Rhino file.
  • Place each chair on its own set of layers
  • Use nesting layers to place each part of the chair on a separate layer
  • Build each chair to have a consistent relationship with the origin (if one is centered over the origin, make all of them centered, for example)
  • Keep all important curves on layers to facilitate organization and management


  • Using Keyshot, create a single rendering of all three chairs composed and arranged into a photographic scene in order to create an interesting image.
  • Save your rendering in JPG format. The image you post should be 800 pixels wide.

Don’t worry about the drawing aspect of this project – that will come next week.

Put your rendering in your personal google drive folder and the “chair rendering folder”. Name this file “Firstname_Lastname_Chair”.

4. Install Windows
Instructions for obtaining Windows and Parallels will be covered in a separate post, but you should download and install the virtualization software (parallels) and Windows.

5. Paper Model Selections
Select and bring in several objects for consideration to use in the next project, Paper Model.


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