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å Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

( Updated Tool Library with Plywood Bit

Hello All, as I mentioned yesterday in the demo, we’ll be using a specific bit for our plywood furniture assignment after Spring Break in this class. I’m attaching a link to that tool library here for you to download. The file is zipped so you’ll need to open the zip archive and then copy the file (BANK_TOOLS_2015+PlywoodBit.TOOLDB) to your Windows Installation and load it as was shown in the demo. Have a great Spring Break!


Y Chair Drawings

We intended to collect the chair drawings for grading but most of them did not have names on them. Everyone should write their names on their drawings (front or back) and leave them in a place on your desk that will be obvious for us to find.

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B Content from the Demo in the CNC Lab

Here is some of the content that was introduced in the CNC lab, but in slide form.

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Y Great Job on the Paper Models!!

I put a bunch in the case. If for some reason you need it, get in touch or ask Marilyn to let you into the case.

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