Assignment 10

Part 1. MasterCAM
If you don’t have your MasterCAM file done yet, we might not be able to get your part cut on time. Get this file done!!

Part 2: Spoon Modeling
Follow along with the video tutorial below and build the spoon shown.

Using the modeling strategy demonstrated in this video, build a new spoon of your own creation. Because you are to use the same strategy as was demonstrated, there is a limit to how different your design can be – proportions and dimensions can change, the cross sections can vary, etc, but you should not need to develop new techniques to build your design. The purpose of this exercise is to gain experience building a complex object like this, but with guidance to ensure the modeling strategy is sound.

Work in layers to organize your model, saving curves, and other construction geometry in a logical, organized fashion. Create a rendering with Keyshot of your model showing several instances of your design arranged into a composition. You should arrange the numerous instances of your spoon in Rhino, then bring it into Keyshot for rendering.

Upload your model and rendering to the shared google folder in the “Spoon” folder. Create a new folder for yourself in this shared folder. Name your files so that it is evident to us who you are and what project this is.

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