Assignment 11 (updated)

Part 1: Plywood Object
Finish and assemble your plywood object. This project will be the subject of the final critique, next week on May 15.

Part 2A: Surface Driven Toolpaths
Follow along with the tutorial to create toolpaths for a simple paneled surface. You can download the Rhino file used in the demonstration below:

Part 2B: 2 Sided Surface Driven Toolpaths
Follow along with the demonstration below to create a “Flip Mill” series of toolpaths for your spoon.

Make two screenshots of the completed “verify” for both Machine Groups from MasterCAM: one showing the top, one showing the bottom. Create a new folder called “CAM” in your folder for “Spoon” project on the shared google drive. Place these two screenshots and your MasterCAM file in this new sub-folder. Name your files so we can easily identify you as the author and know which project this is for.


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