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í Week 10 Challenge: Metal Spoon

( Mastercam Display issues in Parallels

As many of you found firsthand in class, sometimes running MasterCAM in Parallels will end up having display issues, specifically when moving the model around in the viewport it will ghost. After testing we discovered this problem occurs when you switch the display mode of Parallels (fullscreen to windowed mode or vice-versa), or sometimes when you adjust the window size. It seems that switching to Coherence Mode will resolve or prevent this bug from occurring. To do this Parallels has several interfaces where you can choose the menu item View>Enter Coherence, or use press: command-control-C

Coherence eliminates the Windows operating system and makes MasterCAM or any other Windows application or file browser appear like a Mac app. This can make finding files through the windows desktop tricky; you can either exit Coherence mode and minimize the MasterCAM window or click on the Windows 10 icon in the Mac Dock to open the start menu and find your files through the window that opens there. We’re not sure if this will completely eliminate this issue but so far it seems to have; if you run into this issue and this fix doesn’t work, or you encounter any others, please let us know.

( Adjusting the resolution of Parallels for Retina Displays

I sent an email with this information but I’ll post here as well.

I wanted to share some information regarding running windows via parallels, particularly to mac users with Retina screen (high resolution) Apple laptops. The mastercam interface will probably appear less than ideal using Parallel’s default setting (if you have a retina display), particularly the menus and interface. You can adjust the way parallels displays windows if you open the configure window from the top menu (see image 1). Under the Graphics option you can change the Resolution to Scaled which will work better with Mastercam. If you are running into issues with mastercam operating in windows on Parallels please let Chris and I know and we’ll try to help.

( Updated Tool Library with Plywood Bit

Hello All, as I mentioned yesterday in the demo, we’ll be using a specific bit for our plywood furniture assignment after Spring Break in this class. I’m attaching a link to that tool library here for you to download. The file is zipped so you’ll need to open the zip archive and then copy the file (BANK_TOOLS_2015+PlywoodBit.TOOLDB) to your Windows Installation and load it as was shown in the demo. Have a great Spring Break!


B Useful SrfSeam Command

( Where to find and buy Parallels, Windows

In order to install Windows on your Mac, you will need to purchase and download Parallels (unless we have spoken to you and recommended using bootcamp, are already using bootcamp or are using a PC). You can purchase Parallels and download the free Student edition of Windows from https://risd.onthehub.com . Be sure to give yourself plenty of time for downloading and installing as the files are quite large. If you have downloaded your free copy of Windows 10 previously while at RISD, you will not see an option to get Windows as they only allow you to download the OS once. Check the bottom of this post for more information.

Once you download the Windows 10 ISO (the installer file) and Parallels, install Parallels first. It will then guide you through installing a virtual machine (where you will run Windows). You will need the ISO file on your computer or a USB thumb drive and your License key but the install should be fairly automated with Parallels.


You will find Windows under the “Microsoft” tab and Parallels under “More Software” tab.

You should buy the Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac, not the version with the “access bundle”.

This is what you should see for windows once you add it to your cart. If you can’t find it, read below:


Can’t Find Windows on onthehub?

If you previously installed or downloaded Windows 10 from onthehub, you will need to find the email that contains your license key that was sent when you originally. If you don’t have this you’ll need to talk to OIT to retrieve it or pay for a new license. You can get the ISO file (the disk image of the installer) from OIT, another student or we will try to have Marylin have a USB drive you can check out with the file.